Saint James Catholic Church

510 South Camp Street Seguin, Texas 78155 Phone: 830-379-1796



St. James Catholic Church has been a fixture in Seguin for over 130 years. Our elementary school is the oldest facility still being utilized as a school in the state of Texas and was recently given an exemplary rating during its accreditation process. It serves 200 students in the 3K through 8th grades.


The St. James Parish has over 905 registered families and is part of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Along with the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. James serves the Catholic population in the Guadalupe County area.


Chronological Listing of Events

1850 – Original building of current school constructed
1869 – First recorded baptism of the parish
1871 – First recorded marriage for the parish
1873 – First church built
1874 – First recorded funeral (John Erskine) of the parish
1876 – Jesuit priests from Mexico served St. James parish
1878 – Sisters of Charity opened Catholic girls school where current Hall is located
1884 – The Sisters purchased original building built in 1850
1886 – First rectory built
1901 – New rectory built which houses current church office
1908 – Our Lady of Guadalupe church built
1914 – Current red brick church was constructed
1929 – St. James parish purchased school from Sisters of Charity
1950 – Two new classrooms added to school
1954 – Parish Hall constructed
1955 – Stained glass windows, new steeple & pews installed in church
1968 – Six new classrooms added to school
Name changed from St. Joseph School to St. James School
1973 – Centennial celebration of the first church
1975 – Mausoleum constructed at St. James cemetery
1980 – St. James sponsors arrival of 2 Vietnamese families
1981 – Renovation of Hall kitchen
Brother Gene Traversa appointed 1 principal of school
First D.R.E. hired
1988 – Rectory converted from pastor’s residence to church offices
Church receives new paint, carpet, and pews
1989 – Engbrock home purchased to become current pastor’s residence
1991 – Perpetual Adoration program initially instituted
2003 – Parish Family Center multi-purpose building constructed
2004 – Church received new roof & copper steeple
Adoration Chapel remodeled and Perpetual Adoration program re-instituted
2006 – Parish Hall new roof
2008 – Parish Hall renovation
2009 – Memorial Garden
New carpet in Church
CDA new building

August 17, 2009